This case study delves into the collaborative success story between Gauraj Infotech Pvt Ltd and Zydex Industries, a specialty chemicals company. The development and implementation of a GPS Sales Tracking System, comprising a sophisticated mobile app and a dynamic website, transformed Zydex Industries’ sales operations by optimizing field team management, enhancing route planning, and facilitating seamless communication.

Client Background

Zydex Industries is a pioneering specialty chemicals company, renowned for its innovative solutions across various industries. As the company grew, the need for efficient sales team management, streamlined route optimization, and improved communication became evident, prompting the collaboration with Gauraj Infotech Pvt Ltd.


  1. Sales Team Coordination:Zydex Industries faced challenges in tracking the real-time activities and locations of its dispersed sales team, potentially resulting in missed opportunities and inefficiencies.
  2. Inefficient Routes:Suboptimal route planning led to extended travel times and increased operational expenses for Zydex Industries’ sales representatives.
  3. Communication Gaps:The lack of a centralized communication platform hindered effective information sharing between field teams and the company’s headquarters.
  4. Performance Evaluation: Zydex Industries lacked a comprehensive system for evaluating individual sales representative performance and supporting strategic decision-making.


Gauraj Infotech Pvt Ltd joined forces with Zydex Industries to develop an advanced GPS Sales Tracking System, integrating a user-friendly mobile app and an intuitive web dashboard.

Mobile App Features

  1. Real-time Tracking:Harnessing GPS technology, the mobile app facilitated real-time tracking of sales representatives, ensuring continuous monitoring of their movements.
  2. Route Optimization:Seamlessly integrating with mapping services, the app offered optimal route suggestions, reducing travel time and operational costs.
  3. Check-in Functionality:Sales representatives could easily check in at client locations, providing accurate data for tracking visit frequency and duration.
  4. Communication Hub:The app incorporated an internal messaging system and announcement feature, enabling efficient communication between headquarters and field teams.
  5. Lead Management:Sales representatives could effortlessly input new leads into the app, ensuring smooth lead transition from prospecting to conversion.

Web Dashboard Features

  1. Live Map Visualization:The web dashboard displayed the real-time locations of all sales representatives on a map, offering insightful oversight for informed decision-making.
  2. Data Analytics and Reporting:The dashboard showcased comprehensive performance metrics, including sales achievements, lead generation, and customer visits, for each sales representative.
  3. Historical Route Insights:The system retained historical route data, enabling strategic analysis and long-term route optimization.
  4. Centralized Communication:The dashboard served as a hub for centralizing announcements, updates, and tasks to enhance coordination between headquarters and the field teams.
  5. Lead Tracking: The dashboard provided an integrated view of generated leads and their conversion progress, streamlining the management of the sales pipeline.


  1. Development:Gauraj Infotech Pvt Ltd meticulously developed the mobile app for iOS and Android platforms, while the web dashboard was designed for cross-browser compatibility.
  2. GPS Integration:The system seamlessly integrated GPS APIs for precise tracking and mapping services.
  3. Cloud Infrastructure:The app and dashboard data were securely stored in a cloud environment, ensuring data security and accessibility.
  4. Training: Gauraj Infotech Pvt Ltd provided extensive training to sales representatives for efficient app usage and guided Zydex Industries’ staff on dashboard management.


  1. Enhanced Efficiency:Real-time tracking and route optimization led to reduced travel costs and heightened sales efficiency for Zydex Industries.
  2. Communication Upliftment:The integrated communication platform bridged gaps between sales representatives and headquarters, fostering seamless collaboration.
  3. Informed Decision-making:The advanced analytics and reporting capabilities empowered Zydex Industries to make data-driven decisions for optimizing sales strategies.
  4. Simplified Lead Management: The system streamlined lead generation and tracking, improving overall sales pipeline management


Through the synergistic partnership between Zydex Industries and Gauraj Infotech Pvt Ltd, the GPS Sales Tracking System emerged as a transformative tool. This system, comprising a user-friendly mobile app and an insightful web dashboard, elevated Zydex Industries’ sales operations. With real-time tracking, route optimization, and data-rich reporting, the GPS Sales Tracking System delivered unparalleled efficiency, communication, and performance enhancement, solidifying Zydex Industries’ position as an industry leader.